Finance, Succession Planning and Advisory Services for Agricultural Businesses

We love Australian farmers, and understand the opportunities and challenges that you face. Providing long term stable relationships, we formulate customised solutions, that suit the specific needs of your business, and your family.

Agribusiness Finance | Crimson Walker Finance

Agribusiness Finance

We provide solutions for all types of agribusiness finance, to allow you to successfully operate and grow your business.

Having access to many lenders, enables us to provide you with the advantage of comparison, and independent choice.

Ensuring you have the most flexible, and cost efficient structure to suit your business.

We provide stable long-term relationships, and can help you assess your finance needs and options.

Crimson Walker provides finance for:

  • Rural Property Purchases
  • Refinance & Restructuring
  • Enterprise Expansion
  • Succession Planning
  • Equipment Purchases

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Rural Succession Planning | Crimson Walker Finance

Rural Succession Planning

A successful transition requires; commitment, communication, awareness of everybody’s needs and expectations, along with an understanding of the financial resources.

There can be many different strategies, and a successful outcome can look different for each family. It really depends on your situation, and what suits the dynamics of your family and the business.

Don’t avoid it- you have worked hard to create what you have; succession is a good opportunity to set the business up for a sustainable future, and to help ensure ongoing family unity.

Succession Planning

Business Improvement Advisory | Crimson Walker Finance

Business Improvement Advisory

Helping you plan and improve your business, so that you feel more in control, with clear direction.

I can work with you to help understand; where you are currently at, clarify what you are wanting to achieve, and exploring how it can be done.

Crimson Walker provides:

  • Business planning and strategy – clear vision and direction
  • Assessment of enterprise expansion scenarios
  • Budget forecasting and profitability
  • Debt and business restructuring

Business Advisory

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