Finance for agriculture, commercial operations, and individuals

Crimson Walker delivers customised finance solutions for businesses and individuals. We have access to multiple lenders, which allows us to provide you with the benefit of both, comparison and independent choice.

Agribusiness Finance | Crimson Walker Finance

Agribusiness Finance

We provide solutions for all types of agribusiness finance, to allow you to successfully operate and grow your business.

Having access to many lenders, enables us to provide you with the advantage of comparison, and independent choice.

Ensuring you have the most flexible, and cost efficient structure to suit your business.

We provide stable long-term relationships, and can help you assess your finance needs and options.

Crimson Walker provide Agribusiness Finance for:

  • Property purchases
  • Refinancing and restructuring
  • Enterprise expansion
  • Equipment purchases

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Commercial Finance | Crimson Walker Finance

Commercial Finance

Whether you operate a trading business, a service-based business, or are a property investor, there are many options available, and we can help identify and source the most effective and cost-efficient solution.

Crimson Walker provide Commercial Finance for:

  • Business purchases and expansion
  • Refinance an restructuring
  • Working capital
  • Equipment purchases

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Equipment Finance | Crimson Walker Finance

Equipment Finance

We can source and tailor an equipment finance facility that suits your specific needs.

We finance all types of equipment, for many different industries.

Crimson Walker provide Equipment Finance for:

  • Agricultural & industrial equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Earthmoving & machinery
  • Medical & healthcare

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Home Loan Finance | Crimson Walker Finance

Home Loans

Whether you are buying a new home or investment property, we have access to many options to suit your circumstance.

Having access to many lenders and finance options, enables us to provide you with the advantage of comparison and choice.

Crimson Walker provide Home Loan Finance for:

  • Home buyers
  • Investment properties
  • Home loan refinancing
  • Construction

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